We provide pre-inspection, inspection, and post-inspection help. Before your inspection, we will come and pre-inspect your laboratory, we will let you know if you have any deficiencies and we are available to help you fix them. We can be there during your inspection to help you manage the inspectors, and answer questions regarding your laboratory. If you have had an inspection, and deficiencies were found in your laboratory, we will help you respond to your deficiencies. In addition, if you are looking to change your regulatory agency, we can help get your laboratory ready for its first inspection.

Ana and Dale's Tips:

  • Don't take deficiencies laying down. Sometimes, the way in which you respond to a deficiency can make that deficiency go away.
  • If you have a real deficiency ensure that you fix it right away, and maintain it. The deficiency goes on your record, and the inspector will look for it again, next time they come.
  • Switching regulatory agencies (e.g. COLA to CAP) can be a daunting task. Get help if you need it, it will make your first inspection go smoothly.