Do you have a project for your laboratory you want professionally done? We are here to help! Our project management services encompass not only laboratories, but clinics, hospitals and other healthcare settings. Let our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt help you get your laboratory lean and running like a well oiled machine. We will provide as much help with planning, implementation, monitoring, etc., as you require.

Ana and Dale's Tips:

  • When assessing a process, make sure to look at how much physical movement your staff has to do. Leaning out a process often involves placing the things that your staff will need to perform their duties nearby. Cutting down the movement saves time.
  • Consider whether any part of a process is absolutely necessary for that process to work. Often, there are extra steps that consume the employee's time. That is time which would otherwise be productive and in the service or your laboratory and clients.
  • Be organized! Tracking all of the moving parts of a project can be challenging, organization is key.