Excellent quality assurance is the lifeline that allows your laboratory stay in business. Outsourcing your quality assurance needs protects you, and your laboratory from employee turnover, and provides consistency in this all-important area. Our services include, Q.C. Review, Calibrations Reviews, temperature chart reviews, small equipment maintenance and reviews, policy writing, validation help, and much more. We have a variety of tiers of service to suit your needs, or you may ask for any services a la carte. We will make sure your laboratory is producing quality results. Call us for a free estimate!

Ana and Dale's Tips:

  • If you have a Min/Max digital thermometer, remember, you must chart the lowest and highest temperature measured every day.
  • If you are running body fluids on a non-FDA approved reagent, be sure to do a separate validation study for the body fluids.
  • Remember, your failed Q.C. documentation needs to list the appropriate steps taken to resolve the issue, and if appropriate, include a look back through previous patients to ensure they were not affected by the failure.